Renewable Fuel Corp

Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. Announces Preferred Series B Shares

Las Vegas Nevada June 29, 2017 — Renewable Fuel Corp, Inc. RWFC, a leading independent Renewable Energy Company today announced the Company is issuing a newly designated class of convertible preferred stock.


The Company has designated a new class of convertible preferred stock (“Series B Preferred Stock”) which has a stated value of $10.00 per share, and converts to common stock at a ratio of one preferred share to 10 common shares. There will be 5 million shares of Preferred B shares designated.


The company filed its Certificate of Designation with the State of Nevada.


The Company has entered into agreements with a number of parties to purchase a variety of account receivables, assets and capital stock in a series of transactions.


The Company will incur approximately $20,000 in total fees (including one-time legal expenses) for these transactions. No brokers were involved.