We have a proven track record within the renewable energy sector and, as a consequence, have the specialized skills and project knowledge to help clients at all stages of their business development. Our team has in-depth expertise enhanced through regular networking and knowledge sharing platforms on a global basis. This ensures we provide our clients with up-to-the-minute funding advice and detail on project developments.

Who We Are

Renewable Fuel Corp is a multinational renewable energy company with a focus on new technology deployment and project development.

The company has partnered with Development banks and Renewable Energy Fund managers and put together a green energy funding platform. The company has also partnered with Fabrication and EPCC contractors to provide a seamless project deployment platform.

RFC’s vision is to provide tailored solutions and funding packages in project financing to the clients worldwide by the way of equity funding and debt financing

What We Do

At RFC our primary focus is to provide the renewable energy industry with project specific funding.

The combination of our expertise in equity funding and debt financing has made us a major player on an international scale as a provider of Capital. We not only can structure the financing for our clients, we also act as Principal, investing our own funds and syndicating the rest with our investors. Why? Because we believe in your project as much as you do!

RFC has a flexible approach that considers equity and debt financing tools. Our energy expertise spans from biofuels, biodiesels, ethanol to the growing solar, wind and energy storage sectors. We offer a wide range of project funding solutions, including equity funding and debt financing. We are dedicated to offering the optimal financing solution for every situation.