Renewable Fuel Corp

Renewable Fuel Corp announces the purchase of Globaltech Industries Pty Ltd

11 July, 2017 Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces that is has entered into a transaction with Globaltech Industries Pty Ltd.  RFC has completed the purchase of 99.9% of the capital stock through the issuance of its new Series B Preferred shares and cash.


This transaction brings additional resources and expertise to the RWFC portfolio and enables RWFC’s wholly owned Engineering and Manufacturing Ameriget Group of company’s access to a vast supply of machinery and equipment it can use in its future plans.  We are pleased to add the Globaltech team to our portfolio.  This acquisition will allow RWFC the ability to combine resources between the companies and achieve lower overall overheads and a multitude of new capabilities and expertise.