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Renewable Fuel Corp is a multinational renewable energy company with a focus on new technology deployment and project development. The company has partnered with Development banks and Renewable Energy Fund managers and put together a green energy funding platform. Read more...

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10 August, 2017 Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces its intention to build a 288/MW Solar Thermal Power Plant in NSW Australia with an investment in RFC Resources Pvt Ltd (RFCR) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of RWFC. RFCR was created to develop Renewable Energy projects in Australia that provide the company long term reoccurring revenue

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12 July, 2017, Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary RFC Resources Pty Ltd located in Coffs Harbour Australia.   RFC Resources was formed with the intention of developing a number of future projects which will likely be announced in the near future.  This actions is one of the fundamental steps required in the pursuit of the company’s plans

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11 July, 2017 Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces that is has entered into a transaction with Globaltech Industries Pty Ltd.  RFC has completed the purchase of 99.9% of the capital stock through the issuance of its new Series B Preferred shares and cash.   This transaction brings additional resources and expertise to the RWFC portfolio and enables RWFC’s wholly owned Engineering and Manufacturing Ameriget

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International – Overseas fixtures for biodiesel, ethanol

AgraNet - 7 hours ago
Freight sources pointed to a couple of new overseas biofuel fixtures. These referred to biodiesel ex Germany as well as to US ethanol. Moreover, there were some biodiesel loadings scheduled in...

European Union

Biodiesel imports hit another record level - 7 hours ago
FAME imports in June 2018 totalled 399,421 tonnes, trade data show, a new all-time high, beating the 365,226 from the preceding month and up sharply on 75,263 one year earlier. Imports from Argentina...

Iowa Biodiesel Board elects leaders at regional annual meeting

Biodiesel Magazine - 4 days ago
An Iowa biodiesel producer will serve a third term as chair of the Iowa Biodiesel Board. The directors elected officers during the Iowa Biodiesel Board and National Biodiesel Board Regional Annual...

Biodiesel demand in Germany up despite drop in diesel consumption

Biodiesel Magazine - 5 days ago
Germany's consumption of on-road diesel fuel and gasoline in the first half of 2018 was lower than in the 2017 reference period, but the use of biodiesel and ethanol saw a significant rise. The...

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Construction to begin on 36 megawatt Moroccan wind farm for Bitcoin mining

Ars Technica - 2 hours ago
Morocco has a lot of prime real estate for wind energy along its southern coast. But without robust transmission lines to move electricity from there to more populated centers, a traditional wind...

NJ takes major step to harness Atlantic Ocean's wind energy

NJTV News - 19 hours ago
New Jersey has more than a hundred oceanfront miles and now it wants developers to bid to harness the Atlantic's winds to generate more than 1,100 megawatts of energy, or enough power for 500,000...

Crocker Wind Farm final EA/FONSI available

Watertown Public Opinion - 4 hours ago
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service), working with Crocker Wind Farm, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Geronimo Energy, LLC, has released a final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of...

Alphabet's Google to Buy Wind Energy, Focuses on Renewables - 1 day ago
Solar and wind are gradually transforming the way energy is produced and consumed, driving the ongoing global energy transition. With regulatory authorities encouraging renewable energy generation,...

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