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Renewable Fuel Corp is a multinational renewable energy company with a focus on new technology deployment and project development. The company has partnered with Development banks and Renewable Energy Fund managers and put together a green energy funding platform. Read more...

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10 August, 2017 Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces its intention to build a 288/MW Solar Thermal Power Plant in NSW Australia with an investment in RFC Resources Pvt Ltd (RFCR) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of RWFC. RFCR was created to develop Renewable Energy projects in Australia that provide the company long term reoccurring revenue

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12 July, 2017, Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary RFC Resources Pty Ltd located in Coffs Harbour Australia.   RFC Resources was formed with the intention of developing a number of future projects which will likely be announced in the near future.  This actions is one of the fundamental steps required in the pursuit of the company’s plans

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11 July, 2017 Renewable Fuel Corp Inc. RWFC, a well-known Renewable Energy company based in Las Vegas Nevada Announces that is has entered into a transaction with Globaltech Industries Pty Ltd.  RFC has completed the purchase of 99.9% of the capital stock through the issuance of its new Series B Preferred shares and cash.   This transaction brings additional resources and expertise to the RWFC portfolio and enables RWFC’s wholly owned Engineering and Manufacturing Ameriget

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Biodiesel industry makes strong case for tax credit before Congress

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Recently, the National Biodiesel Board's member company, Ag Processing Inc, testified before a tax-writing committee in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of the biodiesel tax...

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Biodiesel can help reduce injector deposit formation

Biodiesel Magazine - 4 days ago
Modern diesel engines utilize high pressure common rail fuel systems whose small injector gaps are highly sensitive to deposits. New research from the University of Rostock in Germany has shown that...

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Flathead Beacon - 13 hours ago
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